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Tom Wiles

Tom Wiles is a freelance drummer from South-East UK. He has vast experience in playing a number of styles including Jazz, Pop, Rock, Blues and Orchestral. Tom is a graduate of The London College Of Music and has recently completed a 12 week course with Amy's Yard as part of The Amy Winehouse Foundation where he recorded tracks with artists such as Pearl Fish, Sophie Kilburn and Remy Ryszkowski.

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Tom has experience performing across a broad range of styles on various stages around the South East. A member of the Kent based funcation band Disco Odyssey, Tom is also regularly asked to play with Big Bands in Kent and various groups around Greater London.


A passionate educator aiming to help young people to get more enjoyment out of life through the power of music, Tom teaches at Woodstar School and has lead sessions for The Lewis Project, and National Foundation for Youth Music. He also has a number of one to one students.

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  • As a musical adviser and teacher to TLP, Toms contribution has been immeasurable. He has supported many members helping with devising set lists for gigs and incredible instrumental jazz lists, encouraging and guiding members to experiment with different genres. His knowledge in music and drumming history is vast. His easy approach with people and his wonderful sense of humour helps to relax members which contributes to a pleasurable experience for everyone involved.
    Sandra Boxall
    Co-Director Of The Lewis Project
  • I have known Tom since he was a young music student and taken great pleasure in watching him develop over the years in to the fine musician he has become. He has worked very hard and shown a lot of dedication to his studies and the results are now clear for everyone to hear. As well as a solid technique he has a lovely sound and feel on the drums and I’m sure that he would be a great asset to any band.
    Buster Birch
    Jazz Drummer, Educator
  • Jacob has progressed really well since Tom has been giving him weekly drum lessons. He can read music now and plays drums most days because in order to improve on the techniques that Tom has shown him just because he loves it so much! Tom also keeps the lessons really interesting by constantly adding new and varied songs to play along with which keeps it exciting for Jacob while learning different styles.  He really is a wonderful teacher.
    Eloise Cross
    Teaching Client
  • Tom is a highly skilled and experienced drummer. He has a natural ability to get the best out of the musicians he works with through his natural and solid timekeeping, understanding of a wide range of genres and instinctive knack of knowing when to drive the music forward, when to sit back, when to get busy and when to leave space. He is also friendly, organised and can be relied upon to do a great job, which makes him an excellent team player. I wish him well with his career.
    Matt Griffiths
    CEO - National Foundation for Youth Music
  • Tom has been an outstanding musician within the band Disco Odyssey. His musicianship and feel on the drums, simply put the rest of the band at ease when on stage and is the driving force behind the band. His background was essentially jazz and the band play mainly disco music which is of course, very different in many respects. But Tom’s versatility and being able to listen to what other band members are playing, have contributed hugely and he’s a team player.
    Ben Hatwell